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St Margarets Chapel

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  • 29-03-2016
St Margarets Chapel

St Margaret’s Chapel and Magdalene Almshouses

During the 11th century St Margaret’s Chapel was built on Magdalene Street. Its first intended use was as a hospital and later it was used as almshouses for the poor.

The ancient buildings offer a very interesting visit to those unfamiliar with the area and to those who are. They are a very peaceful and pleasant place and the volunteers who run it daily are helpful and knowledgeable.

The chapel and almshouses are easy to access and are simple to locate from within Glastonbury town centre.

Part of the building dates from 1444. Although some of the original almshouses were unfortunately demolished in the 1960s as they were thought to be dangerous.

Today the remaining almshouses can be seen in their original state. Restoration and preservation works have ensured that they remain as they were.

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The original hospital is thought to have been built thanks to donations from the Abbotts of Glastonbury. As the dedication was made to Marry Magdalene it is thought that the patients may have suffered from Leprosy.

The chapel and the almshouses today make fascinating places to visit and are well run and maintained by a staff of trustees and volunteers.

The pretty gardens make a lovely place to sit and meditate whilst the chapel has some interesting features. These include the lancet window at the east end which may pre-date the 13th century.

There is also a simple iconography display at the chapel which has been recently restored and is now a grade 2 listed ancient monument.