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Somerset Levels and Moors

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Somerset Levels and Moors

Somerset Levels & Moors

Somerset Levels & Moors is a very important wetland. It’s located near Glastonbury and is a popular tourist attraction too. It’s very popular among tourists from around the world.

Somerset Levels and Moors are located in South England and offer a very impressive landscape.

It is close to the coast and about 6 m above sea level. It is a very distinctive unquiet landscape in perfect to relax. This is one reason why it's so popular amongst tourist and travellers. There is also a diverse range of wildlife for you to enjoy. This includes birds, dragonflies and curlews.

You can also enjoy many wildflowers in the area. The beautiful landscape that offers a great atmosphere for any holiday. More than 80,000 water birds gather in the winter time, making this even more special.

Somerset Levels and Moors were originally underwater thousands of years ago. The area also produced a few significant archaeological finds.

An ancient wooden causeway called Age Lake Village was found in recent times. It is around 4000 years old and one of the most significant finds in the area.

The area has many heritage sites and local attractions for tourists. It is a stunning wetland with absolutely beautiful landscape. You can also book accommodation in this tranquil environment, to enjoy get away with your family. There is a river close to Somerset Levels and Moors with a 50-mile trail. It runs from Dorset to Bridgwater Bay.

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