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Chalice Well

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Chalice Well

Chalice Well

Nestled at the foot of the ancient and legendary Glastonbury Tor is another special and ancient place. Chalice Well is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is considered by many to be a sacred and Holy place.

It has been in constant use for over two thousand years and has never failed, even during times of drought.

The well is the source of many stories and legends and its chalybeate waters are associated with healing and with the blood of Christ. It is said that the water sprang forth when Joseph of Arimathea washed the cup used at the Last Supper here.

Some say the cup is buried in this spot. Either way, the water has a strange property in that it never changes its temperature but remains at the same unvarying coolness no matter what.

Certainly, those who visit this place report a feeling of well-being upon their arrival. Visitors come to either drink the water or to soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

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Today the Chalice Well is protected and maintained by The Chalice Well Trust. There is ample provision for any visitor who cares to stop by this special place.

There is a shop, beautiful gardens and two retreat houses which may be booked for private use. The Chalice Well is just outside Glastonbury. It may be reached on foot within 15 minutes or a bus may be taken from the town centre. The Chalice Well is not an official bus stop and passengers must request to be let off there.