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Brent Knoll

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Brent Knoll

Brent Knoll

Brent Knoll is the beautiful location to visit. Learn why this is a great idea for a family vacation and all the activities that you can enjoy.

Visiting Brent Knoll can be very exciting. It offers a beautiful landscape and a tranquil environment to enjoy. It offers you 360° to the South West, as well as all the way to Sand Point. Located in Wales, Brent Knoll is also known as the ‘Mount of Frogs’.

The area was originally surrounded by water. It has a very interesting story and that's why the popular amongst tourist. It is easy to get there from Glastonbury and you can do so in various ways. You can travel by bus or by car, or follow a walking trail for around two hours. The trail starts at the Brent Knoll church.

There is plenty to do in the area. Apart from many great hiking trails, there are also outdoor activities. You can take part in birds feeding as well as many different beach walks.

It is a very beautiful area and ideal to enjoy with the whole family. You can also book accommodation in advance, and experience the best that Brent Knoll has to offer.

There is also an app allows you to explore multiple scenic views of the area. These views are breath-taking and just one example of what you can expect to enjoy.

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